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Virtual Quarry | Getting Started

Welcome to the Forms+Surfaces Virtual Quarry! You can begin exploring this remarkable design tool without creating an account. Start by choosing a ViviStone family, then select your slabs and configure a layout that reflects your design vision. Once you’ve tried the Virtual Quarry, please register so you can take advantage of its full range of capabilities.

Create a New Project

Create a new project

To get started, simply click the "New Project" link above or below. You'll go straight to the first step in the design process, which is to select a ViviStone family and browse slab libraries.

New Project

Trying the Virtual Quarry

Start exploring the Virtual Quarry by creating a project. You’ll have the ability to choose your ViviStone slabs, size and configure your selections, and assemble your desired layout. Without registering, you’ll have access to your work for 24 hours.

Once you’ve tried the Virtual Quarry, we encourage you to register. If you decline registration, your stored data will be erased 24 hours after beginning a project.

Registration is quick, easy & free, and offers additional benefits:

  • Save one or multiple projects to your account
  • Go back to edit or update any project at any time
  • View your slabs without watermarks
  • Download or print your project to share with others
  • Submit your project to Request Budget Pricing

Virtual Quarry Resources

This resource offers definitions for terms used throughout the application, as well as helpful links for additional information.
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